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  • Indication
    Fibrotic diseases including non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), chronic kidney diseases (CKD), Alport Syndrome, etc.
  • Development stage
    Phase 1 clinical study for oral formulation in progress



During the wound healing process of each organ, the connective tissue replaces the normal parenchyma extensively and continuously.
Fibrosis is, however, a disease where this process is dysfunctional and causes tissue remodeling and permanent scar formation, resulting in loss of organ-specific functions.

The mechanism of fibrosis
  • Immune cell activity to respond to organ damage caused by physical, chemical, or infection releases fibroblast-stimulating lytic factors such as PDGF, CTGF, and IL-10, including TGF-β.
  • Uncontrolled immune cell activity induces continuous fibroblast-stimulating lytic factor generation
  • Fibroblast hyperproliferation and hyperactivity
  • Fibroblast differentiation activity of myofibroblasts and increased production of fibrotic proteins (Fibronectin, Collagen, Vimentin)
  • Loss of organ function due to fibrotic protein accumulation
​Inhibition of fibrosis by ivaltinostat in animal models
    • Inhibition of immune cell lung migration
    • Inhibition of inflammatory cytokine production through inhibition of angiotensinogen expression
    • Inhibition of the production of TGF-β, a fibroblast stimulating lytic factor
    • Inhibition of myofibroblast differentiation mechanism (Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition)
    • Inhibition of the production of fibrotic proteins (Fibronectin, Collagen, Vimentin)
Ivaltinostat's competitive advantage
  1. 01

    Efficacy has been verified in various fibrosis models (PHMG, Bleomycin, UUO, DOCA) including Alport syndrome-like animal models.

  2. 02

    Limited safety concerns based on results from a Phase 1 clinical study in healthy adults.

  3. 03

    Completed development of oral formulation of ivaltinostat.

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