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Core Platform Technologies

SCP Structural ChemoProteomics

Technology for lead discovery using three-dimensional structural information of disease-causing protein targets.

The SCP™ platform is the technology for the generation of lead compounds which efficiently binds to the active site using 3D structural information identified by SPS™ technology and informatics.

The SCP™ technology consists of three components consisting of SCP™ screening, SCP™ library, and SCP™ NMR which allows CG to find novel lead compounds at a higher success rate.

1. SCP™ Screening is a technology that uses our company's in silico library of approximately 48 million unique small molecule compounds. The screening process searches for potential lead compounds that optimally binds to the active site of the target protein using dynamic simulations and virtual reality.

2. SCP™ Library is used to help design master scaffolds that can bind based on structural characteristics of the active sites of each protein family (e.g., kinases, phosphodiesterases, etc.). This technology allows for the discovery of leading substances for new drug candidates at high speed by performing in vitro evaluation on target proteins.

3. SCP™ NMR uses the technology to evaluate the binding modes and properties of lead compounds to the active sites of target proteins, identifying potential candidates with a sensitivity that is approximately 100 times higher than that of biological assays.