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Core Platform Technologies

SPS   Soluble Protein Solution

Technology for identifying the three-dimensional structure of a disease-causing target protein.

The SPS™ platform is the technology for solving the three-dimensional structure of the target proteins. To solve the target protein structure, the protein should be expressed in a highly concentrated soluble form with high homogeneity because the structure will be determined by NMR and X-ray diffraction which need highly concentrated protein in solution.

One of the main obstacles in the field of structure determination is the fact that generally, most human proteins are made insoluble in recombinant expression systems.

The SPS™ technology has been developed and utilized to make human originated proteins soluble and thereby facilitating structure determination processes efficiently. A number of constructs for a target are made utilizing in-house proprietary technology. Then, based on our selection criteria, the best clone is chosen for protein purification and crystallization.

When crystals are ready, a high resolution 3D structure of the protein is deciphered using data collected through X-ray spectroscopy and utilizing a synchrotron at the Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (Pohang, Republic of Korea).